Basic production program is in the following format


Flat foil with an exact cut
width: 2600mm max
thickness: 0.025 – .220mm

Tubing, tubing with flaps, half-pipe
circumference: max. 6400mm
thickness: 0.025 – 0.022mm

Properties can be modified accordingly to satisfy the customer’s requirements. We offer the following for flat foils, tubes, as well as sacks:

  • 5-layer
  • Additions – LLDPE, mLLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, for modification (adjustment) of physical features – shrinking by heat treating, stretching
  • UV stabilized
  • Corona pre-treatment for printing
  • Anti-fog or antistatic features, flame resistance, smooth foil, non smooth foil
  • Shine/matt, embossing, perforation
  • Coloring – clear, white, colored (blue, black, yellow, red…)
  • Printing with recycling logo or other print
  • Roughened foil, perforated foil


The latest technology enables us to produce bags with various size specifications. Bags are offered in various configurations. We can manufacture bags with pockets, flat bags, free-lay bags and rolled bags. Disposal bags are offered with standard specifications or as most modern disposal bags with a drawstring.


We offer plastic carry bags and advertisement bags. Production of bags is done to a wide range of specifications, dimensions and styles. Our production technology also allows us to manufacture bags with bonded loop handles or with “C” shape handles.


The projected annual production of re-granulated PE is 6000 tons. A minimum of 3000 tons will be reused for extruded foil and the remainder of the material will be sold to producers of injected plastic products or other foil producers. The quality of re-granulated particles is based on the feed-in material.

RE-GRANULATION PACKAGING: We arrange packaging of re-granulated material according to the customers requirements. Packaging is done in big bags with a volume range of 500 – 1000kg. Our product is shipped on euro pallets.

Basic usage of produced PE foil and other products

Industrial manufacturing

  • for packing of ready-made products and semi-finished products
  • processing of mixed coating (laminates, adhesive laminating, etc.)


  • wrapping and enclosing of building materials

Grocery stores

  • packaging, bundle packaging, various bagging and wrapping material (disposal bags, small bags, shrink foils, grocery bags)

Agricultural applications

  • silage foils or sleeves, plastic greenhouses, plastic insulating covers, bundle packaging, and other bagging and wrapping material

Electrical and automobile industry

  • mechanical protection, anti static, anti corrosive and fire-resistant applications

Wholesale, retail, logistic

  • bundle packaging, and other bagging and wrapping material

Health care

  • medical applications, hygiene and barrier applications, special applications and packaging, and other bagging and wrapping material